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Olfactive Pharmacy 

Parfum de Santé – fine fragrances from Cologne


Olfactive Pharmacy is the fragrance brand founded in 2020 by pharmacists Oliver and Holger Dubben from Cologne. Their approach to fragrance and niche perfumery combines traditional herbal medicine knowledge with modern alchemy and contemporary luxury: the luxury of wellbeing, self-awareness and appreciation of nature and the environment. Olfactive Pharmacy combines all of this in a sophisticated and elegant manner in an incomparable collection of top-quality "Parfums de Santé" - fragrances that reflect the lifestyle of enjoyment and health (Healthylux/ Healthyglam).


Cologne is Germany's traditional perfume city - internationally famous names like Farina and Kölnisch Wasser sound here, which were already highly valued by Napoleon and Goethe. The Cologne pharmacists Oliver and Holger Dubben founded their Olfactive Pharmacy brand in this elitist tradition, but with a contemporary, visionary interpretation.


The individual scents deal with one medicinal plant for each variety -  bark, flowers, fruits or roots of which are proven to have healing powers. The smell of each medicinal plant is factually or emotionally captured and cleverly interpreted between elegance and well-being so to create a truly satisfying fragrance and masterfully composed olfactive experience.


The fragrances’ bottle deserves special attention. In line with the traditional amber glass pharmacist bottles, the design smartly has been handed down into the contemporary. The specially designed cap is formally composed of both: hexagon stopper and the neck that otherwise belongs to the bottle self -  thus cleverly together imitating the typical silhouette of old German pharmacy bottles. 

Old lithographs of the selected medicinal plants per fragrance are designed in white as the valuable box, and stand for freshness and modernity in balance with tradition and classic of its silhouette and the brown and gold.

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